Libyan Desert Glass from own expedition and manufacture

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Libyan Desert Glass
expedition 2003TOPGEO ltd. probably offers a worldwide inimitable variety of rough and artefacts from own expedition in 2003, carvings and self-developed collections of jewelry. Individual custom-made products let also curious dreams become reality!
As an international established wholesaler TOPGEO also supplies jewelers and merchants with larger quantities.

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If you don't only want to get fascinated before your screen, just visit us at the Munich mineral show , at the Tucson mineral show or during the whole year in Germany near Stuttgart and the medival town Rothenburg o.d. Tauber. Free entrance, competence guidance through mother earth's treasure chest inclusive!

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The glass from the Libyan Desert

According to today's scientific knowledge this in a pale yellow to green shining impact glass emerged from a collision of a meteorite with earth about 28,5 Mio years ago. In the glowing heat sand melted, splashed up in the air and spread over a 4000 square kilometers sized area in West Egypt. Like with sand, the essential constituent is silicium dioxide, a possible hint of iridium is a indicator for the extraterrestrial origin.
Already in palaeolithicum, about 10000 years ago, men discovered this glass. It was used as a substitute for flintstone, one can find artefacts formed as sharp blades and graters.
The old Egyptians found a less pragmatic application for this special stone. Even in those times it was considered to be precious and so it become part of religious objects like Tutenkhamon's amulet, there as a carved scarab.
Nowdays the Libyan Desert Glass is not only attractive for collectors, esoterism attributes energies for a long and prosperous life to the seldom "rock of the god".
Today the way to the find area near the Egyptian-Libyan border leads hundreds of kilometers through arid, desert scaped regions and restricted area.
But now come on! Take a closer look at the stones!
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